Neuroscience of Dating

Are you wasting time

and money when dating?

Why did my date overshare in our first EVER text message exchange? Don't they understand TMI?!  What happens in my brain if I'm ghosted?  How can I get more quality dates in less time? "The Neuroscience of Dating" answers these questions and many, many more. 


Heidi Crockett LCSW, CMC, CSE graduated cum laude from Middlebury College, has her Masters from the University of Georgia, and post-graduate training from the University of Michigan. She is a licensed psychotherapist and an AASECT-certified sexuality educator.

Heidi is available for consulting as a dating coach.  She professionally speaks on Sex and Stress-related topics using relational neuroscience.  In her book, "The Neuroscience of Dating," she explains why brain integration is the Holy Grail for finding and keeping good relationships specifically when dating. She outlines how to achieve integration and how to screen for a date's integration.  These principles are great for dating and even better for life.


This chart from the book explains vertical integration, specifically how the competing functions of the prefrontal cortex vs the limbic brain can be understood and optimized.


Chapter 1 begins with Clarity, Chapter 2 is about your River of Brain Integration. Step by step, the author explains how your Clarity boat, including your dopamine engine, can flow F.A.ST. down the river to dating success.


Clarity + following the principles outlined in the book + right timing = SUCCESS! 


Who isn't confused?  There are too many dating websites to count.

What matters is your Clarity about who you are and what you seek in a partner.  Once you are clear, you can map out a plan including websites and in-person events that match your goal.  Use a dating coach for support along the way and to optimize your time.  Contact Heidi at

"A very interesting read with a fresh approach to dating advice."

Julia Walker

"Heidi has taken really complicated neuroscience concepts and explained them clearly while also entertaining the reader.  This is not easy to do.  I'm impressed.

James Lindstrom DC

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